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personal training for postpartum women

You can get your body back after pregnancy!

Personal training is the best way to reach your body goals, especially if you had a baby! It can be hard to know where to start and what to do because our bodies and minds have gone through so many changes! Often times women have a significant amount of weight to lose, are struggling with physical limitations or issues as a result of their pregnancy, or are simply stuck with their current program. We help you get your body back step-by-step. We not only help you workout but we provide the coaching and support you need to build strength, lose the weight, shape and tone difficult areas, and feel sexy again! 


Lose the weight

Shape and tone dificult areas

Tone your midsection

Strengthen your pelvic floor

Increase strength

Improve cardiovascular endurance

Feel confident

Have more energy

Feel SEXY again!


As a woman who struggled with pregnancy complications, postpartum depression, and postpartum physical issues, Tina knows what it takes to build your body after having a baby. With Tina (a busy mother, wife, and business owner), you'll get the one-on-one coaching and customized training you need to build a body you're proud of!  


She is located in Temecula California and serve the Temecula Valley, Inland Empire, Murrieta, Menifee, Canyon Lake, and Lake Elsinore areas. Currently only accepting at-home / house-call clients in Temecula and Murrieta, CA. No equipment required! A great option if you have your own gym as well. 



  • Training sessions

  • Unlimited meal plans

  • Training schedule Monday - Friday

  • Cardio regimen

  • Supplement list

  • Progress tracking

Training Options:

  1. In person 1 on 1 with Tina Gordon: $80 per session

  2. Small group training sessions: as low as $49 per session

  3. Online Bikini Program and Coaching: $149 per month 


  • Busy professionals

  • Bikini competitors

  • Military / Veterans

  • Fitness Models 

  • Busy moms

  • Women in media

  • Couples



Build the bikini body you've always wanted with the all-inclusive Bikini Lifestyle Program by Tina Gordon. This is a weight loss and shaping/toning program designed to help women look good AND feel great. You'll get in great shape at an affordable price with like minded women! Perfect for professionals and busy mothers! This is a small group personal training program capped at 4 people per session. Sessions are held Monday - Thurday 5am, 6am at Self Made Training Facility in Temecula California.  This is a weight loss and shaping/toning program for women wanting the bikini look without the commitment of competing!  Special emphasis on building a fit and feminine physique with shapely round glutes, shoulders, tight waistline, and V taper. Enjoy 1 on 1 attention from your trainer AND a supportive environment with like minded women!


Bikini Lifestyle Program Includes: 

  •  8 sessions per month  (only $40 per session)

  •  Unlimited meal plans

  •  Training schedule Monday - Sunday

  •  Supplement list

  •  Cardio regimen

  •  1 on 1 coaching with Tina Gordon

personal training package

Get 1-on-1 training to build the body you've always wanted! Transform your physique with a custom fitness plan by Tina Gordon in Temecula California. You're plan is all-inclusive so there are no hidden fees. We push your limits and help you reach your body goals. Rates $80 per session.


Platinum Package includes:

  • 8 personal training sessions with Tina ($80 per session)

  • Unlimited meal plans

  • Training schedule Monday-Sunday

  • Supplement list 

  • Cardio regimen

  • Progress tracking

  • 1 on 1 coaching with Tina Gordon


Get a fitness program by Tina Gordon anywhere in the world! We offer a highly-customized training program designed to get you results fast. This program is recommended for experienced lifters or women looking to take their gym experience to the next level. YES we serve women in Latin America!

Online Program includes:

  • 16 weeks of workouts complete with demo videos, sets, reps, etc. 

  • 30 minute weekly coaching session with Tina Gordon

  • Unlimited meal plans

  • Training schedule Monday-Sunday

  • Supplement list 

  • Cardio regimen

  • Progress tracking

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